Discover everything you can about a breed of dog before committing to purchasing it. Owning a French Bulldog is not an ordinary experience. The reality is you are adding a member to your family.  A healthy dog can live 10-12 years or more, especially when fed a well-balanced diet.

If you are seriously contemplating a French Bulldog,  perhaps ask yourself why. You don’twant to buy one as a status symbol or to be trendy.  Trends come and go, but your dog will be with you for its lifetime. Be sure that you will have quality time to spend with your dog, especially during puppyhood. Be honest with yourself. If you are unable to fulfill a breed of dog’s need, then move on, and choose a different breed. If you don’t have sheep to herd, don’t buy a Border Collie unless your willing to take up agility or partake in something equally mentally and physically stimulating for your dog.

The French bulldog is a fun loving breed that does not need a large amount of exercise. They are very intelligent animals, courageous, highly affectionate and friendly. They have been bred to be companion dogs. Keeping this in mind when deciding to purchase a French Bulldog is very important. Being a companion is their goal. At all times, they love to be around people, especially their owners. If your looking for a dog to go jogging with you, then you should probably move on.



There are always exceptions, and some Frenchies are quite athletic but on the whole, a nice hike or walk is all your Frenchie needs for exercise.  They are usually up for anything whether that means going out on a boat (with a life jacket on because most Frenchies can’t swim) or watching a movie with you on the couch.

It is important to note there is the possibility of breathing problems with any short-nosed dogs, and during hot summer days they can suffer from heat stress. It is best to leave them at home in the air-conditioned or cooler environment during these days and plan your dog walks early morning or in the evening when the temperature is lower.